Electronic Bank Lobby- J_K Bank- Srinagar

E-Lobby is the new facility provided by all leading banks to empower customers to do their banking transactions as per their convenience without any time restriction. It also saves their time as they need not stand in queue to get their work completed and also offers additional several banking service facilities that ATMs don’t offer!

Our challenge was to design a space that was state-of-the-art and bashfully modern but to also inherit the corporate brand keeping in mind the cultural heritage of the region. This generated soft forms that reflect the gentleness of the people, whites that depict the magic of snow, digital lines on the floor that signify todays tech times and three colours that show talk about the brand. A much-talked about design waiting to be built


2000 SQFT


Ssi Lal Chowk Srinangar


No Year


J&K Bank


December 9, 2018


Commercial, commercial, Concept, Interiors


contemporary, culture