M/s. Team Design Architects was established in the year 1999 with a small office in Lower Parel East, Mumbai.
Over the years, it has grown both in the range and scale of projects it is actively involved in.

The company has accumulated extensive experience in planning, designing and executing large architectural and interior projects.

Architectural projects include office buildings, institutional campuses, hostel facilities, bungalows etc, while interior projects include commercial, residential and retail developments.



We are an experienced and creative team of designers and architects, with a legacy spanning more than 2 decades. We work with your to craft exquisitely designed spaces that complement their surroundings and reflect your valvues

TEAM DESIGN is a young, energetic architectural practice with a mix of experience and youthful creativity.

Our portfolio covers a broad spectrum of projects from residential, commercial, banking, retail and institutional projects. From hi-tech, state-of-the art dealing rooms for core banking operations in Mumbai’s banking swank business districts to low-tech environmental friendly silk worm cocoon rearing sheds in rural Maharashtra, our projects have taken us places. Our design ability covers macro understanding of large sites to meticulous micro-detailing of our many high-finished interior projects.

We understand modernity, like the language of so many of our projects show, yet understand traditional designs, motifs and localization, like our varied projects from Srinagar in the North of India to Thrissur in the South of India show.

We understand customization, and standardization. We have created and worked on generic design guidelines for bank branch networks for ICICI Bank, Reliance General Insurance, J&K Bank, Tata Capital and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Yet Institutional Projects remain our first love and forte. We started our first big architectural project as an institutional project in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai in 1998 and have been doing institutional projects with consistent regularity.

Ready to pick up a challenge or meet a deadline, TEAM DESIGN is always raring to go.

Our Approach


Translating ideas and dreams skillfully into the language of architecture is neither simple nor linear. It calls for experience and creativity, elegant solutions to complicated problems. We’ve honed a process that organizes the innumerable details and decisions each project entails, yet remain keenly aware of when to guide you to be flexible and agile, or give you the confidence to stay the course with strong concepts. We’re here to steward you through that experience; and believe that the collaborative process should be as fun and rewarding as the outcome!




Dependable professionalism

We believe a beautiful project is delivered through good service, detailed drawings and specifications with excellent project management.


Reliable team depth

We communicate well, give peace of mind and are easy to work with. Our team is united and motivated by architectural innovation, we bring our diverse expertise together to collaborate on work.


Strong Domain Knowledge

We lead by design, combining global research with local action. The outcome is an architecture that is sensitive to the climate and culture of a place.


Freshness of concepts

We deliver bespoke and global standard buildings and interiors with no two being the same. The variety is made possible by an inventive spirit common to all


Energetic competence

Every project is taken up with enthusiasm and eagerness. We try to innovate. Every finished project manifests a “macro to micro” level of attention, from the big ideas to the smallest details, giving coherence to the entire experience of the built site.


Wisdom of experience

We begin work on a very simple idea; if a building can feel like it naturally ‘belongs’, or fits logically in a place, to an environment, a time and culture, then the people that inhabit the building will likely feel a sense of belonging there as well. This methodology connects theories of beauty, confidence, economy and comfort.

Idea generation


Idea generation is the creative process or procedure that a company uses in order to figure out solutions to any number of difficult challenges. It involves coming up with many ideas in a group discussion, selecting the best idea or ideas, working to create a plan to implement the idea, and then actually taking that idea and putting it into practice. The idea can be tangible, something you can touch or see, or intangible, something symbolic or cultural.

A look at the future


What matters to a company is always looking for new challenges to grow constantly in a dynamic and innovative way. The primary objective is to strengthen its presence abroad, expanding into new markets that can lead to new lymph brand and further development opportunities.

Every story begins with a moment. In a chance encounter. A risk taken. These are the moments that become part of the fabric of who we are. They define us



A culture of continuous improvement fosters an environment of innovation and excellence. We take a fresh approach to every project—our work evolves organically without the constraints of preconceived ideas, a stringent style or prescribed formula. Every project is unique.

The delivery stage is a central element in ensuring the design integrity is maintained and provides a smooth and efficient progression through all stages.

We pride ourselves on offering clients certainty and confidence in keeping the project on time and on budget to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders.





There is no predetermined style or model—
we take a fresh approach with every project.



We recognize each issue as unique; we adapt to multiple sectors and applications.



The idea behind the design solution provides order and strength beyond merely responding to the brief.



Every element is part of an integrated whole and contributes to the bigger picture.



An authentic approach that suits the local climate, landscape and culture.



Space versus form; object versus place.



All brief and site parameters are addressed—
we tick all the boxes and aim for the best solution.