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Wedding Destination- Raipur

Architectural, Bungalows, Commercial, Concept

Temple Building in Reverence of Goddess Kali

Architectural, Institutional

Service Industry Education Campus- Goa- India

Architectural, Concept, Institutional, Institutional

Mist View Bungalows- Lonavla- India

Architectural, Bungalows

MBA Hostel Towers- ITM- Navi Mumbai- India

Architectural, Institutional

Mariwala Estate Annexe- Lonvala- India

Architectural, Bungalows

Luxurius 5BHK Villa- Mr. S Merchant- Tirupur- India

Architectural, Residential

J_K Bank Branch Building- Samba- J_K State

Architectural, Institutional

College Campus Extension- ITM Navi Mumbai

Architectural, Institutional

Guest House Building- NRB Bearings- Aurangabad- India

Architectural, Commercial

Gokul Cultural Centre- Bombay South Kanara Brahmins Association- Mumbai- India

Architectural, Institutional

Glass Kitchen- ALibaug- India

Architectural, Bungalows, Bungalows, Concept

College for Engineering _ Management- Nagpur

Architectural, Institutional

Bungalow in Ahmedabad- India

Architectural, Bungalows

Bhandari House- Bhinmal- Rajasthan


Building for Precision Metals- Venus Wires- Khopoli

Architectural, Commercial

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